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Banquet hall for weddings

It’s not easy to organize a wedding. We often call the procedure a “pleasant chores” but brides who experienced a real wedding preparation they know you should prepare for the holiday seriously, so that guests are happy for 100%.

Good restaurant for weddings is already a half of the battle. We are kindly inviting you to the banquet hall of Hrydnytsya restaurant – a cozy place outside the city. Here in the romantic atmosphere of the Middle Ages, you can arrange unforgettable feast of your marriage. One of the key benefits of the restaurant is its famous location. Our restaurant is located inside the famous Olesko castle which for many centuries stayed the hallmark of Western Ukraine.

We offer newlyweds exclusive banquet hall in the style of the medieval era. Theatrical jousting battles, magnificent medieval costumes favorable interior, the best service at the best wedding hall of Lviv!

A wedding hall can accept 60 persons. However, favorable weather conditions can increase this number by arranging a wedding celebration in a tabernacle. In this case, wedding hall can place 100 guests. By the way, in the summer and spring season we offer exclusive outdoor wedding ceremony.

Banquet hall Hrydnytsya is known for its exceptionally tasty cuisine. It offers tasty dishes of both Ukrainian and European cuisine. Moreover, at your wedding you can enjoy dishes that were served at the wedding feast of Duke Jagiello and Queen Jadwiga Polish. Alcohol highlights the natural tinctures of our own production. In the menu facility there are more than 30 species cordial drinks.

Besides cozy interior and delicious cuisine, wedding restaurant Hrydnytsya prepared for its visitors interesting entertainment. In between meal newlyweds and their guests will enjoy the melodious music, dancing, fire show and, of course, funny competitions.

Today the restaurant for a wedding Hrydnytsya developed for its visitors unique programs for celebration. Especially popular is a program of Medieval wedding. Stylized banquet hall and our animators give the couple the opportunity to implement the script medieval old wedding in Galicia. For fans of the classics we have authoring program Folk wedding involving authentic musical band that will perform best for wedding Ukrainian songs. Note also that before the meal or the next day guests are invited to tour around Olesko Castle, as well as an unforgettable horse ride!

Wedding Hall “Hrydnytsya” waiting for happy brides and their guests! We look forward to meeting!

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