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Say I love you in a special way

Romantic declaration of love, marriage proposal is a turning point in the relationship of beloved. No wonder, there are many years ahead of you to live together, on the threshold of which you have to enter with an indescribable feeling of happiness and love.

love confession
Among the infinite number of ideas for a declaration of love is sometimes hard to choose the one that would have been received with the highest praise from your beloved. Stage “the organization acceptance” involves careful consideration of basic preferences, the choice of location. However, the most important rule of preparation is very simple: this day, no doubt, should belong only to you, people in love.

Gridnitsa is a romantic restaurant in the famous Olessky Castle (75 km from Lviv). Today, the restaurant provides not only the organization of the outdoor weddings, corporate events, children’s banquet, Valentine’s Day but also creates a special events for marriage proposals.

We are happy to help organize an unforgettable declaration of love in our restaurant. In recent years, such proposals are in great demand, because the lovers are able to organize not only an unforgettable romantic dinner at a restaurant, but also to visit the majestic castle Olessky, horse riding, ride in a carriage, to visit other famous places in the region. Simply to spend a wonderful weekend out of the cuty, enjoying unique views and, of course, the presence of each other.

For couples romantic restaurant Gridnitsa has developed a special offer – exclusive dinner “Tet-a-tet”. Just imagine lighted candles, glasses of wine, delicious food, favorite music … and you are alone in the restaurant! And then a romantic journey inside the ancient rooms of the castle, that tell the secrets of love of princes and princesses …

Romantic love confession is not necessarily a marriage proposal. Hopeless romantics can choose our special dinner to celebrate wedding anniversaries, birthdays or other important dates for your relationships. To say “love you” does not always need a reason.

To increase the impression of love confession, the administration of the Gridnitsa restaurant offers rental of medieval costumes. We wish you good luck in preparing a romantic evening, and, of course, to hear the long-awaited “YES!” from your beloved!

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