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Cordial drinks from Hrydnytsia

During the feasts good alchohol will not be superfluous. In medieval times Galician meal were not complete without intoxicating liquors. Specific recipes and secrets most of them have survived to our times. Drinking tincture has become a kind of ritual. The key rule – to be able to stop in time.

Today you can buy a tincture “of medieval traditions flavor” in our restaurant Grydnytsya, which is located in the famous Olesko castle, not far from Lviv. The restaurant offers more than 30 types of natural tinctures of its own production. Among them bitter and sweet tinctures, or, as they are often called “Spotykachi”.

Starka, chasnykivka, yahodyanka, tsytrynivka, slyv’yanka, mead, royal walnut are not the only ones of our alcoholic range. Most of these exclusive beverage has excellent healing properties, becoming an effective means for improving digestion, ruthless in combating colds and other diseases. And of course, your favorite liqueur a guarantee of good mood for the evening!

By the way, you can buy liquor not only in our restaurant. Now we are actively deliver them to all regions of Ukraine just call us and soon you will receive your order.

Orders are accepted by phone (067) 67-11-303 or email

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