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Unforgettable corporate event in “Hrydnytsya”!

Good corporate event is a great tool for creating a friendly, productive team, and adequate support of its team spirit. No doubt in Lviv you will find many unusual locations for corporate celebrations, because today the city is actively developing in the direction of hotel and restaurant business. But we propose to make an experiment and try a real medieval feast in Galicia with all its traditions and scenery. The venue is a unique restaurant “Hrydnytsya” inside the famous Olesko castle (75 km from the city Lvov).

Why our restaurant for your corporate party?

Familiar corporate events with tables bending of food and drinks, but without a beautiful holiday atmosphere, are retreated into the past. Themed costume party combined with exciting games and competitions is a great way to develop team spirit and open new perspectives of each employee. Hrydnytsya restaurant proposes two authored programs for celebration.

Corporate party in our restaurant

middle agesMedieval feast

Its the best option for noisy friendly company. Organization of corporate events for this program includes not only high-quality food, medieval chants and dances, interesting competitions but also games in the style of that epoch: jumping inside bags, rolling wheels, shooting, shot from the deck and so on.

Featured menu (medieval version):

  • assorted baked meat;
  • pickled vegetables;
  • cheese zamkivskiy from the farm;
  • stuffed fish;
  • mushroom soup;
  • veal meat Hetman baked with mustard grains;
  • vertuny pereyaslavski;
  • corn soup with wild mushrooms;
  • bean in a pot;
  • royal curd fritter;
  • tasting liqueurs;
  • stewed fruit, coffee, tea.

The cost of the menu – 530 UAH per person.

Plan of celebration:

12.00 – meeting the guests with medovukha
1215-13.30 – an interesting tour around the castle halls
13.30 – 15.00 – the first meal, wine cordials tasting
15.00 – 16.00 – games on the street (jousting battles and entertainment)
16.00-16.30 – a concert of medieval music
16.30-18.00 – medieval dances with live music
18.00 – 19.30 – the second meal
19.30-20.00 – fire show
20.00-21.00 – dancing
21.00-21.40 – coffee, tea, sweet
22.00 – programme end.

scottish feast Scottish fun

Its an exceptional opportunity to plunge into the world of Scottish culture. This unusual corporate is especially suitable for creative individuals who are in search of original entertainment. We propose you to listen to the sounds of magical Celtic music, guests will enjoy delicious food, try themselves in there the folk dances and fights with swords. A traditional Scottish kilt and interesting stories will create a misterious atmosphere and colorit.

Cost of the program (without musical accompaniment) – 13500 UAH.

The duration of programs is about 5 hours.

Although we do not forget about the delicious food, because you will find the best dishes of Ukrainian and Galician cuisine. Light alchoholic drinks, hand made liqueurs and tinctures give vigor and strength.
Knights entertainment

Knights entertainment

Knights invite you to travel to the Middle Ages. You will learn a lot about the history of the castle, the living conditions of real hrydni, all about armor, weapons and clothing.

Knights hold a real fight, after which guests can make pictures and play in medieval games:

  • fighting on soft sword;
  • archery and crossbows;
  • fights on the deck;
  • game “Gorodki”;
  • jumping in bags;
  • tug of war;
  • race on skis.

All interested guests may also be photographed in medieval costumes.

Duration 1-1,5 hours
price 2000 UAH.

It is also possible to order separately any other unit:

  • master class with medieval dance;
  • medieval music concert;
  • fire show.

By the way, our restaurat also provides wonderful medieval costumes and horseback riding that will make corporate holiday even more rich in experiences and emotions.

We will make your celebration really interesting, joyfull, tasty and unforgettable!

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