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Conferences and workshops

Typically, Olesko castle is visited on the last day during such a events. The program can be made for one day – with a tour around Zolochiv, Pidhirtsi and Olesko castles and dinner (supper) program at the restaurant.

For large-scale events we propose a simultaneous program of residence in the castle up to 1000 people. In this case, the guests are divided into several groups which “migrate” on around different performances. For example, one group is on tour aroud castle halls, the second is enjoying the spectacle of knights fighting and participates in ancient revels at the site next to the castle. The garden behind the castle is stylized as a Cossack buffet with a ”smoky” kulish  where will be sportted another group of quests.  In the restaurant you will taste branded liqueurs and tinctures and listen to a concert of a medieval music.

Price per person starts from 350 UAH (excluding alcohol). The restaurant has 2 separate rooms and there is a possibility to use a meeting room for 200 people in the Capuchin Monastery (located opposite the castle).

Olesko castle
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