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Valentine’s day

Do you think the days when all the ladies were lovely and gentlemen noble are gone? When for tha sake of love a half the kingdom could be given?

st valentines dayYou can say everything is in the past. But when you stand in the courtyard of an ancient Olesko castle, you feel that these ancient stones, thick walls, echoing corridors still remember the beautiful time and lots of true stories of love. It all creates a magical atmosphere of sublime feelings and desires. It seems that time has stopped. And medieval interior of Hrydnytsya restaurant has not changed since the time when the brave monk Valentin risked his life for the sake of happiness and love.

Our restaurant is a perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day – February 14th.

Open antique wooden doors and step inside Hrydnytsya under the arches of the restaurant hall. You will see a massive wooden furniture and natural stones, skins of hunted animals and carelessly abandoned armor, knight’s helmet and sword. The tables served with ceramics and crystal, linen napkins. As if yesterday noble prince spent here a magnificent feast in honor of his beloved. Order the gourmet food and fine drinks and romantic decoration of the hall will emphasize the atmosphere of St. Valentine’s Day. Gentle and romantic violin guitar reveal your feelings without words, and legendary love of King Sobezkogo and Marysieńka in the walls of the castle predicts happiness for all couples who will spend the romantic evening here … After all, love is always a little mystery.

романтический ужин на день Валентина

As you have an opportunity, dress in medieval costumes  and organize original photo session on the background of Olesko castle. These photos will remind you about this magical day in the future and will certainly be a surprise to your friends on Facebook or VK!

Book the entire restaurant if you want to make this holiday special and then you’ll only be together. A quiet romantic dinner … Tet-a-tet, heart-to-heart …

The restaurant staff works invisibly to you that will only emphasize the special atmosphere of privacy. And perhaps this is where your life will change forever.

Romantic evening in restaurant Gridnitsa would be a perfect gift on the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day! After all, love it is our actions.

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