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Children’s holiday in Hrydnytsya!

Childhood is a time of incredible adventures and fun. It is important that in this period parents can ensure baby as much vivid impressions as possible, especially through educational games, communication with peers and of course, the organization of children’s unforgettable hoildays. First of all – the birthday, which in childhood is perhaps the most anticipated event.

It is clear that in Lviv you can find many prestigious places where you can organize a celebration of the birthday, but only glorious Olesko Castle allows you to plunge into a real medieval fairy tale. Inside this unique and historical attraction our restaurant is located. It is a place where all the medieval legends come true and noble Galician knight stay alive with all their honors and armor.

Children’s birthday, elementary school graduation, trip or just vacations in Hrydnytsya is undoubtedly a manifestation of novelty and originality of traditional holiday, a great alternative to the usual children’s cafe in Lviv. First of all, because every kid while celebrating opens for him many interesting hitorical and cultural facts. The children are entertained by professional animators who lead a tour around the castle, organize fascinating workshops to manage chivalrous weapons. All celebration spontaneously turns into an exciting game, which nobody wants to leave. Along this there is a big banquet hall, a delicious cuisine, pleasant music what creates a memorable children’s birthday.

Celebration programs

Our restaurant offers educational programs for children – “Hrydni of Olesko Castle” and a mini-quest “In search of the treasures of King Olesko castle”

Hrydni of Olesko Castle

middle ages birthdayIts an introduction to the romantic era of the Middle Ages. Children will have the opportunity to observe the real jousting tournaments. Guests (adults and children) can play in a variety of medieval games:  fights on the soft sword, shooting a crossbow and bow, walking on stilts, racing on skis for 4 people, “Gorodki”, fighting on the balance beam, jumping in sacks, tug of war.

For birthday boy - a gift – knighting.
Duration 1.5-2 hours

Quantity of children
Up to 20 21-29 30-39 40-50
Price 2200 UAH 2400 UAH 3400 UAH 4200 UAH

In search of the treasures of King Olesko castle

quest for birthdayMini-quest is not an easy test. Before reaching the desired treasure, the children must pass the real exam for physical agility, courage and ingenuity. Puzzle of Owl, a web of Derbeliha, elf maze… Nobody said that the path to the treasures of the ancient castle is easy …

Duration 1.5 hours

Quantity of children Up to 10 11-23 24-35 36-45
Price 900 UAH 2000 UAH 2800 UAH 3650 UAH

Two programs – a discount of 300 USD.
Call us – and book the free dates: 0676711303, 0631511808 Yaroslava

We are waiting to organize your little holiday in the restaurant “Hrydnytsya” (75 km from the city Lviv)!

Olesko castle
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