At those old times a banquet was quite different than nowadays one. There were a lot of wine, different drinks, bread, variety of nuts and vegetables. Till XIX century, people had no idea about salads that we are used to. Moreover, there were no vegetables such as tomatoes, red peppers and aubergines. However, the banquet tables were full of different stewed or roasted meat dishes. In our restaurant you have got a great chance to enjoy the meal which was on the table of Jan Sobieski (XVII-XVIII)


Meat plate
(Boiled beef tongue with horseradish, sausages with spices (venison, wild boar meat), ham and bacon.)
80/80/80/80g160,00 UAH
Fresh vegetables
(tomato, red pepper, cucumber, cabbage, onion)
330g81,00 UAH
Salo - fat pork with garlic100g35,00 UAH
Pickled cucumbers100g16,50 UAH



Mushroom soup with galushki
(Porcini, vegetables, served with dumplings)
300g104,00 UAH
Ukrainian borshch
(Betroot and vegetables, pork meat, served with dumplings)
300g74,00 UAH
Chicken soup with lentil and dumplings300g69,00 UAH

Hot appetizers

Porcini with sour cream150g139,00 UAH
Cossack Kulish
(The kulish is an age-old Ukrainian dish, popularized by Zaporizhian Cossacks. This dish is made of millet, minced pork and veal, bacon and ham potatoes and onion)
300g87,00 UAH

Main Courses

Today glorious hrydyny brought Shatskikh lakes eel
Sturgeon200g273,00 UAH
Hetman’s carp
(Carp fillet with wild rice baked in a creamy cheese sauce)
500g215,00 UAH
Mountain Trout
(baked with spices and seasonings)
350g299,00 UAH
(baked with porcini and potato in sour cream sauce)
400g255,00 UAH
Braised duck stuffed with apples and prunes400g238,00 UAH
Chicken in a creamy cheese sauce200g101,00 UAH
Stewed rabbit meat with vegetables
(rabbit meat ,potato,onion, broccoli)
100g/200g/75g270,00 UAH
(All dishes are made from fresh domestic pork without any additives)
A piece of braised pork with apples
(Fried thin slices of pork and leek are stewed with apples)
150-200g145,00 UAH
Hetman’s ham
(Ham baked with mustard seeds)
150g115,00 UAH
Korolyvski kruchenyky
(The meat rolls stuffed with stewed cabbage and mushrooms)
100-100g130,00 UAH
Baked veal with nuts
Long time ago juicy veal was served only on different celebrations. This meat was a real delicacy.
150g129,00 UAH
Grilled sausages200g137,00 UAH
Veal rolls in cream sauce
Today glorious hrydyny hunted wild boar.
Taste delicious venison:
(Tender veal rolls fried and stewed in cream sauce)
200g130,00 UAH

Side dishes

Millet Kulish with mushrooms
At those times, millet with the meat or mushrooms was the dish of the rich.
230g66,00 UAH
Beans in the bawl
(Beans stewed with home-made sausages, carrot and onion) Beans often substituted meat because they are very nutritious and healthy.
250g88,00 UAH
Home-fried potatoes200g46,00 UAH
Stewed vegetables250g74,00 UAH


Varenyky stuffed with potatoes and mushrooms250g80,00 UAH
Varenyky stuffed with potatoes250g61,00 UAH
Varenyky stuffed with sweet cottage cheese250g 82,00 UAH
Sour cream100g26,00 UAH
Shkvarky (fried salo bits)30g19,00 UAH


For a long time the main dessert was a baked apple. There was no sugar, so people used only natural honey. Today you can taste this delicious, old dessert.

Dessert plate
(170g baked apple with honey and raisin cheesecake, peanut cookies, candy)
300 g73,00 UAH
Royal cheesecake100 g35,00 UAH
Ice cream with nuts and chocolate150g/20g64,00 UAH
Prunes stuffed with nuts150 g62,00 UAH
Cookies "Tenderness"100 g23,00 UAH
Sweets made from dried fruits and berries (sweets made by our chefs only from natural ingredients)100 g25,00 UAH

Cold drinks

Stewed fruit20016,00 UAH
Borjome water50055,00 UAH
Pepsi500 25,00 UAH
Morshynska water (in glass)50040,00 UAH
Morshynska water (in plastic) 50022,00 UAH
Juices Sandora in assortment20016,00 UAH

Hot drinks

Espresso5030,00 UAH
Turkish coffee10030,00 UAH
Hot chocolate15070,00 UAH
Royal coffee10059,00 UAH
Late15038,00 UAH
Milk 1008,00 UAH
Skim milk1005,00 UAH
Carpathian berries’ tea20025,00 UAH
Carpathian herbal tea20023,00 UAH
Ahmad tea20018,00 UAH
Tea with ginger and honey20031,00 UAH
Hot wine15044,00 UAH


Homemade jams
(without preservatives and artificial sweeteners)
200g 25,00 UAH
200g35,00 UAH
200g25,00 UAH
200g25,00 UAH
200g40,00 UAH

Herbal Tea50g25,00 UAH
Cookies100g17,00 UAH
Chocolates17,00 UAH

Cordial drinks

(Delivery across Ukraine, more here)

Price cordial drinks 170 UAH for 0.5l

Spotykach with roses and Royal walnut liquer 220 UAH for 0.5l