Hrydnytsya Restaurant at Olesky castle

The magic of the Middle Ages in Hrydnytsya restaurant!

The walls of Olesko Castle has absorbed so much passion, tears, views and breathing of people for almost thousand-year history that they continue living their life even today. They tempt you with lacy associations inviting to the halls’ labyrinth, where there are the ghosts of former charismatic owners walking around.
You are so impressed with all that that you’d like to have not just a simple tourist sandwich but some high calorie king’s food, to drink something for “feeling braveness”. Then we are looking forward to seeing You in “Grydnytsya”.
You are wrong if you think that Grydnytsya is a stylish inn in Middle Ages style. It is a real Middle Ages Restaurant situated inside the castle and was used for king’s army resting in ancient times.
The word “grydnytsya” is older than Olesko Castle. Grydnytsya were meant chambers in the Castle where “grydni” (Tsar’s guard, wife and even nobility) were resting. The Ruler accepted quests here, important events and weddings were also celebrated here and young couple was called Prince and Princes.

Olesko castle
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